Inventors and Innovators
Bringing together our talents to create ingenious solutions to everyday problems.

Calling all would be inventors, designers, electrical engineers, engineers, electronic whizzes, metal workers, machinists, lawyers, lobbyists and anyone else who's interested.

A meeting in the long shed Thursday 8th June, after morning tea.

We need all of the above to help make your ideas work. Maybe you haven't got a good idea yet, but your skills maybe able to help someone else realize theirs.

Col Staun has stood down due to ill health and handed the reigns over to me temporarily. He will still attend meetings.

Come and show us your ideas, that in the end, if they come to fruition will help the men's shed and yourselves.

Please reply to the following email if you would like to attend.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Philip Morgan

An organisation such as a Men's Shed attracts a diverse range of skills, qualifications and experience ranging from academic to hands on artisians and everying in between. This skill set has the potential to be able to solve many practical problems.

The Inventors Group had its origins when Col Staun, a Technology Engineer with extensive experience at the Government Aircraft Factory noted the wide range of talent at the Noosa Men's Shed. The original group numbered about 8 members and turned initially to problems within the Shed itself. The first project was solving the storage problems in the new Studio which would be used by a number of crafts ranging from painting to leather work. John Williams, using his background as a Manual Arts Teacher defined the design brief and the group developed a solution which was built in the wookworking shop. No project goes from definition to final solution without a certain amount of evolution. The first storage unit was described by one wag from the woodwork shop as a "camel", an animal that looked like it was designed by a committee. Nevertheless, it was a good start and the design will no doubt improve over the remaining three units.

The group initially met during normal shed days but found there was too much distracting activity to be effective. It now meets on Wednesday mornings in the Studio and has the opportunity to do prototyping in the woodwork shop also open on Wednesdays.